Record Store Day is today, and we've decided to confuse everyone with dropping THE ODD CZAR AGAINST US, our new Czarface album, exclusively on vinyl today. Yes, vinyl & Inspectah Deck on the rapping, 7L & Jeremy Page on the production. When we release music in this era, we tend to launch it on every format simultaneously and let you consume the music as you wish...bump the cd, stream it on Spotify, download it on iTunes, etc. For this one, we've returned to the glorious era of vinyl-first and are hoping to bring the listener along for the experience. It's still the morning here in Boston and I've felt your cyber-wrath about not being able to stream this record yet. I get it, and I appreciate your disappointment because I know its born out of enthusiasm for what we do... hold tight. This ODD CZAR release is suicidal in the sense we are expecting you to leave your house, find a record store, use your hard-earned money to buy the record, then take it home to the turntable we assume you have, then unwrap the plastic, thennnn place the record on the platter, and THENNN lower the needle to the groove. Trust me, its a rewarding experience! Visit to find participating locations (and there are lots, including our "home" store VINYL INDEX in Somerville MA!). DEC 6th you'll be able to hear / buy this album (with a completely new cover!) in its entirety on all platforms (cd, black vinyl, streaming, digital). For this week though, "The Odd Czar Against Us" is audible on fluorescent vinyl only...and featuring this cover by Lamour Supreme, exclusively for Record Store Day. Enjoy your weekend!

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