7L's SODERBERGH appreciation post!

"There are no answers, only choices." Soderbergh's remake / retelling of Stanislaw Lem's "Solaris" is a masterpiece. I understand this is a very unpopular opinion, but the only thing is suffers from is some really bad promo posters. The movie weaves a tragic love story told amazingly though Soderbergh's visual style. The movie is deeply caring and isolating at the same time, maybe not the best for our planet's current scenario, but nowhere near as nerve-racking as Soderbergh's most talking about film, Contagion.

With every passing day Steven Soderbergh is becoming one of my favorite directors, probably based off of his versatility and sheer volume alone. He cranks out movies of all kinds: easy comedies like Logan Lucky or thrillers like Unsane or Side Effects. A second unpopular opinion- Sex, Lies, & Videotape might be one of my least favorite of his. Ocean's 11 is easily his most pop-centric movie, but Ocean's 12 is a far superior sequel (third unpopular opinion). Out of Sight is another great movie but The Limey may be my favorite: "You tell him, you tell him I'm coming...you tell him I'm f**king coming!!" Terrence Stamp...even better here than he was as Eso's all-time favorite character General Zod.

1. The Limey

2. Solaris

3. Ocean's Trilogy

4. Side Effects

5. Logan Lucky

Go watch these 5...umm 7 rather..movies, keep your distance, stay off Twitter, and breathe.

- George / 7L (@dj7l on instagram)

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